Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Tale of Wrath

I just got a cool email sending me over to the Screwed Up Dice Blog.  In there, they are doing something really cool that I am going to toss my hat into the right for.  Ages ago, I took part in many Tale of Four Gamers back in my GW Days.  This was a chance to get some of the models finished that I had started and play some games with them.  I always liked the idea because even if I was hobbying at home, It was part of a bigger plan.  It wasn't just adding a new cool unit to an army, it was going towards the overall goal of the To4G.  So now, I get to do it all again with a new game system.

Here is the first post by the guys at Screwed Up Dice:


We are at Month Zero.  Here are the goals:

-Spread the word about A Tale of Wrath - Check!
-Read the Rulebook - Check!
-Choose a house - Hadross or Nasier, Check!
-Sign Up for A Tale of Wrath on Screwed Up Dice - Check!
-Prepare for the months of Building, Painting and Gaming - Wait for it... gotta grab a coke.


Tonight I will be going over my final choices and decide which House I will be playing from.  I just want to go over each Houses options one last time.


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