Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breaking NEWS!

Good afternoon!

Yesterday, after a week of waiting, I got my two part rubber and two part resin in the post. So last night, I had all my bases glued to my flats and my cups hotglued in place. With that, the rubber was poured! Then, this morning before work I tore off the plastic cups and gently peeled away the rubber from my masters! And thus, the casting has begun!

Here is a picture of the first round of casting, still drying up. As you can see, the resin that is all white has almost finished it's curing while the murky looking bases are just starting to head up!

Here is the first round of castings all done up. They will stay in this state until I get home and put my mask on to sand down some of the 'imperfection' in the bases.

Last but not least is the round two of casting. These bad boys are curing right now as I type.

Over the next few days and hopefully this weekend, I can get some of these bases painted by themselves and a few paint on some models.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice, definetly post up some close up shots of the finished product!