Thursday, January 28, 2016

Order up!

Good morning Interwebz,

Well, its been a crazy week.  My fiancee is recovering well from surgery but it has made for a rough week.  I didn't reach the goals I had set for myself.  But, I did get some work done.  I got the flesh most of the way finished up on The Brood.

I also played with the GW Technical Paint - Nurlge's Rot.  It has a good gooey texture and should work well in the bases I have planned for The Brood.  I tried filling up one of the well bases from CMON as well as just painting a thin layer down.  It hold well, I might mix it with a touch of water effects to get a thicker appearance.

I also got most of the base coating done on my Fire Caste Dragyri, which will be one of my two demo sets for Dark Age.

And I got the flesh, hair and armour plates starter on my Gortisi Wolves for my Wrath of Kings demo.

Also, I got a huge chunk of my Khorne Deamons built but no pictures of them yet.  So at the end of the week, Yearly Painted Model Goal - 0/160.

Until next time, Cheers!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Light 'em up!

Hello 2016.  After muddling around for a few years, I want to get back to blogging.  My goal to start, is one update a week.  Like always, I will be doing 87,312 projects at once.  Because a gamer cannot die until all their toys are painted, right?  So here are some projects on the table:

- All things Dark Age - I have a Brood army, K3, Forsaken and Dragyri.

-Wrath of Kings - I have a demo army of Gortisi and Nasier and a personal army of Hadross

-Age of Sigmar - Khorne Bloodbound

-Infinity - There will be a league at my LGS and I want to get an army for it.  Still not sure which army it will be but I want to bust out a 300pt list

-Terrain - I have a gaming table in the War Room and now I just want some good looking terrain for gaming on.  I am looking at getting some gaming mats, I think they would look great.

Back Burner Projects

-X-Wing Repaints - There are a few models I'd like to repaint just for fun but will get to them when I can.

-40k - Tau.  I have loved them since they were released.  The new plastics are sweet, its just a matter of getting some paint slapped on them.

-Malifaux - Wyrd has some great models and the game is fun but it hasn't been striking my fancy since my old gaming group broke up.

Also, for they year, I have a painted model goal.  My year end goal is 160 painted models.  Fully painted and based.  As of today, I am at 0/160.  I do have 25 Brood that are base coated and my weekend goal.  Thanks for checking in, next week I should have some pictures!