Friday, November 18, 2011

Raiding Aces!

So, after a long debit, I picked my army. Yet another one to start, Free French. Here is the first picture of the army sitting on my desk. In the coming weeks, I will post some WIP Pics. If you haven't picked up the new Burning Empire book yet, you really need too!



Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fine Cast?

Well, I finally got one. I have been holding out, not on principal but just because I haven't seen a model I love and needed to have. However, that all changed this week. I was at the LGS and as much as I was fighting it, I got my hands on Trazyn the Infinite. He looks amazing. So, I grabbed him and couldn't wait to get him home. As I stood there, holding a new beautiful model, my phone rang.

He looks amazing. So, I grabbed him and couldn't wait to get him home. As I stood there, holding a new beautiful model, my phone rang. My daughter had fallen and she has a nasty bruise on her face. She is okay and upon getting home and consouling her, I was able to get the model started. First thing I noticed, the resin had a lot of flash. Now, being a 'veteran' hobbyist, flash is no big deal for me. It prolongs the joy of building a model. I got him all all together and will have some green stuff to use. Once the glue has fully cured, I will get to play with the Liquid Green Stuff and will my thoughts on that as well.

Now that he is all built, I only have one honest complaint. The resin is really soft. Just holding the staff in my hands, I am afraid it will snap off. Should GW read this, my only two cents is harder resin. I personally would much rather had a model break then bend. Did I get a good value on the model? Overall, it will not stop me from buying the few other Necrons I need in Fine Cast. Next post, I will have pictures of Trazyn all ready to be primed!


Part II-

So, I got the liquid green stuff on him. There was only a small spot on his right shoulder that needed it as well as the part where his 'cloak' meets. I am still out on the liquid green stuff, it worked great on my FOW tanks but I think I have a lot to figure out about the product. For what it does, $4 is a good price.

Check back later this week to (hopefully) see Trazyn painted!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Did I forget to update this thingy again?

Hi everybody!

So, it has been a while since I posted. I need to get better at this thing. So, what I have I been up to? Sadly, not as much in the hobby as I would hope. I got into a car accident in late August which in some odd way may have helped me out. I found out I have several blown discs and after the accident, I had some issues using my right hand. So that took all of September out of the mix. On the plus side, 'distance makes the heart grow fonder.' I wasn't far away from my models but I just looked at them as I passed them. So, without further delay, here is some of my work. While at Cold Wars... Err Fall In! We got 8 inches of snow but before that, I was able to get some much needed time in with my Soviet Tanks. I have wanted to do a Red Army since I got back into Flames of War and I got some cool reasons to get into the red tide. So, like all good generals, I started with some armor. Now, by some, I mean over 5,000 points worth. As you can see below, this is the end of Night #2. Check it out!

In the above picture, you can see 20 T-34s, 15 T-34/85s, 3 KV-1e, 9 Mk. IVs (Churchill IIIs) and Kommisar Dedov. Not seen in the picture because of my small nightstand is the 11 IS-2s. Yep, I have a hobby issue.

Now, before I headed to Fall In! I got to spend some time doing something I loved as a kid. Carving Pumpkins! I got to sit with my almost two year old daughter and cut out one of her favorite cartoon characters on a Punkie, as Shae calls them. The first is the nearly finished Work in Progress, the second is Punkie Grouper outside in the candlelight.

So, over the next few weeks, you will see some of the following on my Blog:
-Recreation of the Soviet Army in 15mm (Flames of War)
-Necrons- Warhammer 40,000
-Retribution of Scryth- Warmachine
-28mm Soviets- Game to be found... Any good WWII 28mm Skirmish games?
-28mm Austrians- Warhammer Ancients Waterloo- this is a 100% test.

So, if you haven't seen a post from me in a week, shoot me an email and tell me to get on the ball!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Paint Scheme Approved!

Good afternoon,

Here is the heavy weapon team for the Imperial Guard Army I have been painting for about a week and a half now. The first fire team is all done up, minus the static grass and meadow blend on their bases. But here is a preview of what the army will look like!

Let me know what you think!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breaking NEWS!

Good afternoon!

Yesterday, after a week of waiting, I got my two part rubber and two part resin in the post. So last night, I had all my bases glued to my flats and my cups hotglued in place. With that, the rubber was poured! Then, this morning before work I tore off the plastic cups and gently peeled away the rubber from my masters! And thus, the casting has begun!

Here is a picture of the first round of casting, still drying up. As you can see, the resin that is all white has almost finished it's curing while the murky looking bases are just starting to head up!

Here is the first round of castings all done up. They will stay in this state until I get home and put my mask on to sand down some of the 'imperfection' in the bases.

Last but not least is the round two of casting. These bad boys are curing right now as I type.

Over the next few days and hopefully this weekend, I can get some of these bases painted by themselves and a few paint on some models.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Good afternoon,

Life has been crazy busy and I have had little time to Hobby. Normally, I could sit down and put together three Sentinels but lately, I haven't been able to do that. So these bad boys took me about four days worth of lunches to build.

They are for the Hero's of Armageddon: Imperial Guard army for my good buddy Dave. Once I get some spray paint on them I will get another picture.

Coming Soon to this Blog:
-Late War Germans for Flames of War
-Cryx Battlegroup
-Critical Hit Games Painting Competition- Caliban!

Thanks for Reading,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Man Cave, Excorcists and MORE!

Hey guys,

I have some pictures of my 'cleaner' and more 'organized' Man Cave! First up is my work desk:

Next up is the Primer Drying area and Light Booths:

So with a bit of my work area out of the way, I can show off the Exorcists I have been working on.

That's all I have for now. Hopefully next week I can get some of the Grey Knights I have been working on up as well as my Late War Ringer Army for Flames of War!