Saturday, February 11, 2012

FW Crack... err... WIP Shot

Well, my Christmas present from cough, me, cough, just showed up on Wednesday. With Renen due at almost any time, Nic and I have been working overtime making sure everything is clean. We are about 90% there but all of us have gotten sick. What is better to do on a day while the girls are napping? HOBBY TIME! My Master of the Forge arrived, he is 95% Armenneus Valthex from the Astral Claws. Overall, the model is just stunning. However, the whips he wields just doesn't do much for me. So, both hands got hacked out and my MotF got an old Techmarine axe as well as an auspex in his other hand.

Other then the should pads, there will not be any more work to him. Hopefully later today if I am feeling up to it, I will try and get primed up and ready for his base coat.

And, as some of you may know, my EW French are packed away in a comfortable spot that is still a mystery. So that FOW project is on hold until I unearth the boxes they were put into. However, Team Battlefront will be heading to the Showcase Mid-War Team Tournament. I will be taking an American Infantry Gunline! Pictures to come in a few days. To learn more about the Showcase Event, CLICK HERE.


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