Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6th June- D-Day

Hey Guys,

First off, it's D-Day.  68 years later, we remember all those men and women who died in the Allies' charge into France.  With that being stated, its Flame of War time.  Today, I didn't get a lot done, I had to squeeze in a bit of work during that hour but, I still got some done.  I got 2 57mm gun crews and 2 M1 3inch gun crews mounted on their bases and ready for priming.  I also got the 6 jeeps all based up and the magic mix is drying now.  I also started working on the M1 90mm AA cannons but there was a load of flash on the base of the gun so that took up most of my time.  I also go the last wash put onto the base for my test bazooka team but right now, it's still drying.  No pictures today as its still a lot of sliver!

Until tomorrow!

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