Monday, June 4, 2012

Workin' Lunch- 06.04.12

Hang on readers.  I would say, 4 out of 5 work days in a week, I stay in during my lunch and Hobby.  It can be on everything from my 4th AD, my Super Secert FOW Ninja protect, Death Guard for 40k, Allies for Dust, or what ever other random project I feel like working on.  Those above four have been the focus of late.  So my new goal is this:  During Lunches that I hobby, I will try and post a pic of whatever I did that day.  If I run out of time to snap a picture, I will at least put down what I have done.  This way, I can feel like I am making a bit more progress. 

So, here is day one.  Monday the 4th, one day until D-1 and my 2nd wedding anniversary.  I didn't pick that day intentionally, it just fell into place.  So for today, I got the following done:

-6 US Jeeps washed with my American Armour Wash.
-Built 2 gun crew for a M5 3in gun.
-Built 2 gun crew for a 57mm gun.
-Primed two platoons of Engineers in British Armour Italy Spay as well as my CC and 2iC.

On, and on the screen today was the last part of the classic, The Longest Day.


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