Friday, June 1, 2012

WTF? May?!?!

Hey guys,

So May was one of the hardest months of my life.  With people being put into the ER and other passing away, it was a bear of a month.  However, on the plus side the month is over and my American's made it onto the FOW site. 

My Army list can be found HERE.  Just scroll down a bit!

My 4th American Armor Division can be seen HERE!

Some Battle shots can be seen HERE. 

Overall, I am happy with the way that the Sherman tanks turned out.  I was trying out something new with some pigment powders and it was heavier then I was expecting.  With all that said, it is a good little list and I am happy to have it done.  Painting those models did get me really excited to work on my American Army but I will not be making the list I had planned on.  The new list is a Super Secret Level 3 Ninja project.  But, keep tuned in and I will show off some of my new platoons as I get them painted. 



  1. Sorry to hear May was hard. Here's hoping June helps heal the wounds. The 4th AD looks Awesome! Glad to see you are working hard on them. You guys have some great BGG armies!

    1. Thanks, I will pass it onto the guys. We had some fun running and gunning with one another and I also remembered why M4 Sherman Tanks shouldn't fight Panthers head on. For some reason, I swear I could bail them on a 6. Lesson learned!